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Anon (FSC)


Found in 256 Collections and/or Records:

75 Years of Service 1859-1934: An Historical Sketch of St. Michael's College

 Item — Shelf LRC 19D1.15
Identifier: LRC-19D1-15
Dates: Publication: 1934

1995: Year of Prayer

 Item — Folder LRC 20C5.18
Identifier: LRC-20C5-18
Dates: Publication: 1995

A Short History of the Catholic Church

 Item — Volume 1
Identifier: LRC-20F6-17
Dates: Publication: 1946

A Sign of Faith: La Salle Brothers' 300 Years, 1680-1980

 Item — Volume LRC 20B4.19
Identifier: LRC-20B4-19
Dates: Publication: 1980

Advanced Arithmetic: Revised Edition with Answers. De La Salle Series

 Item — Volume 1
Identifier: LRC-20A5-13
Dates: Publication: 1921

Advanced Reader, Specially Prepared to Elicit Thought and to Facilitate Literary Composition

 Item — Volume 1
Identifier: LRC-20A3-26
Dates: Publication: Undated

American Centenary: Brothers of the Christian Schools, 1848-1948

 Item — Volume LRC 20B4.13
Identifier: LRC-20B4-13
Dates: Publication: 1948

Arithmetic: Primary Superior Course, 6th and 7th Years

 Item — Volume 1
Identifier: LRC-20C4-03
Dates: Publication: 1944

Arithmétique Cours Elementaire

 Item — Volume 1
Identifier: LRC-20A1-20
Dates: Publication: Undated

Arithmétique Cours Moyen (Quatrième et Cinquième Années): Livre du Maître

 Item — Volume 1
Identifier: LRC-20C4-01
Dates: Publication: 1952

As Stars For All Eternity: Meditations for Teachers

 Item — Volume 1
Identifier: LRC-20E5-26
Dates: Publication: 1959

Bulletin des Frères Écoles Crétiennes, Table Analytique

 Item — Volume 1
Identifier: LRC-21C7-01
Dates: Other: Date Not Yet Determined

Catechist's Guide

 Item — Volume 1
Identifier: LRC-21B1-23
Dates: Publication: 1955

Centenary of the Brothers of the Christian Schools 1848-1948

 Item — Volume 1
Identifier: LRC-20D6-32
Dates: Publication: 1948

Choix de Notices Nécrologiques (vol 1)

 Item — Volume 1
Identifier: LRC-20D8-05
Dates: Publication: 1933

Choix de Notices Nécrologiques (vol 2)

 Item — Volume 2
Identifier: LRC-20D8-06
Dates: Publication: 1934

Christian Politeness and Counsels for Youth

 Item — Volume 1
Identifier: LRC-21B8-02
Dates: Publication: 1904

Chronologie de L'Histoire de France

 Item — Volume 1
Identifier: LRC-20A2-25
Dates: Publication: Undated

Commercial Arithmetic: Mental and Written. New Series. by the Brothers of the Christian Schools

 Item — Shelf LRC 19F8.41
Identifier: LRC-19F8-41
Dates: Publication: 1885

Compendio Della Vita di S. Giov. Batt. De La Salle

 Item — Volume 1
Identifier: LRC-21A5-32
Dates: Publication: 1900

Complete Arithmetic. De La Salle Series. Revised Edition.

 Item — Volume 1
Identifier: LRC-20A5-08
Dates: Publication: 1912

Complete Arithmetic: Elements and Commercial. New Series

 Item — Volume 1
Identifier: LRC-20A5-09
Dates: Publication: 1887

Complete Arithmetic: Elements and Commercial. New Series.

 Item — Volume 1
Identifier: LRC-20A5-10
Dates: Publication: 1888

Congregation of Christian Brothers: Constitutions and Statues

 Item — Volume 1
Identifier: LRC-20C7-02
Dates: Publication: 1996

Counsels on Vocation and more particularly on the Vocation of a Brother of the Christian School

 Item — Volume LRC 19E6.36
Identifier: LRC-19E6-36
Dates: Publication: 1913

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