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Fran Fraschilla Press Conference

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-MBB.0001
Dates: Event: Spring 1992

MAAC Championship Game MC vs. Siena

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-WBB.0007
Dates: Event: March 9, 2003

MAAC Championship MC vs. Fairfield

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-WBB.0006

Manhattan vs. Iona

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-MBB.0002
Dates: Event: January 6, 1991

MC vs. Connecticut Diamonds

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-MBB.0003

MC vs. Fairfield

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-WBB.0008

MC vs. Fairfield

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-MBB.0004
Dates: Event: February 4, 1989

MC vs. Fairfield

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-WBB.0013
Dates: Event: March 1, 1992

MC vs. Fordham

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-WBB.0010
Dates: Event: February 26, 1986

MC vs. Hofstra

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-WBB.0001
Dates: Event: January 8, 1986

MC vs. Holy Cross beginning cut off & quality bad

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-WBB.0015
Dates: Event: February 9, 1986

MC vs. Holy Cross end cut off

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-WBB.0016
Dates: Event: February 9, 1986

MC vs. Iona MAAC Championship Highlights

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-MBB.0009
Dates: Event: March 9, 2015

MC vs. Iona MAAC Championship pt 1 2014

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-MBB.0007
Dates: Event: March 2014

MC vs. Iona MAAC Championship pt 2 2014

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-MBB.0008
Dates: Event: March 2014

MC vs. La Salle MACC Championship Game

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-MBB.0006
Dates: Event: March 9, 1992

MC vs. Loyola, MD

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-WBB.0012
Dates: Event: January 23, 1993

MC vs. Niagara

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-WBB.0004
Dates: Event: March 3, 1990

MC vs. Rhode Island

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-WBB.0003
Dates: Event: January 2, 1993

MC vs. Rhode Island - 2nd Half

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-Individual Sports-Women's Basketball-Digital Footage.01

MC vs. Rhode Island & MC vs. St. Francis

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-WBB.0009
Dates: Event: December 5 & December 15, 1981

MC vs Riverside AAU

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-WBB.0011
Dates: Event: November 22, 1993

MC vs. St. Francis @ MC

 Digital Record
Identifier: asdf
Dates: Event: December 15, 1981

MC vs. St. John's

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-WBB.0005
Dates: Event: December 13, 1983

MC vs. St. Peter's

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-WBB.0002
Dates: Event: February 8, 1989

MC vs. St. Peter's - 1st Round MAAC Tournament

 Digital Record
Identifier: MC-Athletics-MBB.0005
Dates: Event: March 7, 1992

SF-306a-04c-02 VHS: District: Saint Mary's College

 Digital Record
Identifier: SF_306a_04c_02_VHS_District_Saint_Marys_College
Dates: July 17, 1997; Modified: November 15, 2018

SF-306a-04c-02 VHS: District: SF Office of Ed

 Digital Record
Identifier: SF_306a_04c_02_VHS_District_SF_Office_of_Ed
Dates: 1994; Modified: November 29, 2018

SF-306a-04c-02 VHS: Institute: General Chapters

 Digital Record
Identifier: SF_306a_04c_02_VHS_Institute_General_Chapters
Dates: 1986; Modified: October 17, 2019

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